What EU officials are the best paid? The ombudsman office really stands out!

Average salary per EU institutions, 2012 budget.

European Parliament	109,354.29 EUR
European Council and Council	98,659.59 EUR
European Commission	133,042.28 EUR
Court of Justice of the European Union	120,409.29 EUR
Court of Auditors	110,742.09 EUR
European Economic and Social Committee	87,223.82 EUR
Committee of the Regions	92,775.27 EUR
European Ombudsman	239,840.80 EUR
European Data Protection Supervisor	98,468.52 EUR
European External Action Service	80,869.68 EUR

How much of the EU bugdet goes into the salaries of EU officials?

It's not obvious to find these numbers in the budget, so we'll have to use a hack. EU permanent staff pays 10.25% of their salaries to the pension fund. Pension contributions are accounted for as revenue, so they are consolidated the section 4 1 0 here. For 2012, pension contributions were at 483mln euros. By means of a simple extrapolation, we can now evaluate the amount paid in salaries to 4.7 bln euros, i.e. 6.5% of the EU budget. With the number of permanent position at 38 482, this gives an average of ~122 000 euros/year salary.

Naturally, the distribution of income is rather unequal at the instititions, with high earners being paid 7 times more that low earners (18 370 vs 2 654 euros/months base salary)


Neelie Kroes hacked… EU-Azerbaijan relations

Our super-duper high-tech IT-savvy EU commissionner Neelie Kroes messed up EU-Azerbaijan relations recently, first claiming that the computers of her collbarators were hacked during an official visit to Baku, then silently sending the two people involved in the accusation on holidays.

It looks like the two "collaborators" of Neelie Kroes stumbled upon the "suspicious activity" popup window while connecting to their email accounts from Azerbaijan.

Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 image_attach to imagefield migration

The old table structure

image_attach → image → files


field_data_field_image → file_managed

Assuming that the database name is test, imagefield is named field_image. file access type is public and the files folder is located in DRUPAL_ROOT,

fill the field_data_field_image table:

INSERT INTO file_managed (fid, uid, filename, uri, filemime, filesize, status, timestamp) SELECT DISTINCT f.fid fid, f.uid uid, REPLACE(f.filepath, 'files/images/', '') filename, REPLACE(f.filepath, 'files/images/', 'public://') uri, f.filemime filemime, f.filesize filesize, f.status status, f.timestamp timestamp FROM image_attach ia, image i, files f WHERE ia.iid=i.nid AND i.fid=f.fid AND f.filename='_original' AND;

then, fill the file_managed table:

INSERT INTO field_data_field_image (entity_type, bundle, deleted, entity_id, revision_id, language, delta, field_image_fid, field_image_alt, field_image_title, field_image_width, field_image_height) SELECT DISTINCT 'node' node, 'event' bundle, 0 deleted, ia.nid entity_id, n.vid revision_id, 'und' language, 0 delta, f.fid field_image_fid, '' field_image_alt, '' field_image_title, NULL field_image_width, NULL field_image_height FROM image_attach ia, image i, files f, node n WHERE n.nid = ia.nid AND ia.iid=i.nid AND i.fid=f.fid AND f.filename='_original';

As the default location of uploaded images changed, we should move files