Sorry state of HTC hardware and warranty support

I bought a Desire S smartphone a little more than 2 months ago, but did not have a chance to really use it, yet. It came with an elusive and odd bug. The touch screen stopped responding once in a while. This could occur any time, but seemed to happen less frequently after 5-10 minutes of active use.

The first time I sent the phone to repair, it came back with flashed ROM, but the problem stayed.

The second time I sent the phone for repair, it came back with a new touch screen, but the problem stayed.

The third time, the repair shop replaced the motherboard. The initial problem disappeared, but the phone gained a new one. Part of the screen was not reacting to touch. Or rather, every time you touched a certain area on screen to select an item, items around it were selected or nothing happened.

I filed a 4th support request today.

Overall, I took no less than an hour talking to the call center, wrote several emails and paper notes to HTC and to the repair shop, recorded a video to demonstrate the bug and uploaded it to HTC, filed two complaints online and took a good hour each time it returned from the repair shop to setting it up and find ways to reproduce the problem.

Everything you can not do with a Windows Phone 7

Three days ago, I got my hands on the HTC Trophy 7 running Windows Phone 7. Until now, I played occasionally with Android, but never used a smartphone.

Here's a list of things I'd like to do on the smartphone:

  • Transfer the contacts from the old Nokia phone
  • Listen to music and audio books from the local collection
  • Read books from Flibusta

In the process, I'd rather not to reveal too much personal information to Microsoft. The wishlist looks simple, huh? Let's see what I managed to do.


Saving the private notebook

После нескольких лет верной службы, ноут зашумел и стал греться. Я уж грешным делом задумался о покупке нового, но в процессе поисков замены себе любимому ноут самопроизвольно отключился.

Операция на внутренностях обнаружила толстый и плотный кусок мусора, в центре кулера. Совершенно не понятно, как он там образовался.


Об автокреслах, волнах ненависти в интернете, экономистах и производителях

В этих самых интернетах очередной скандал: все сливают некую российскую компанию, которая продаёт некачественные автокресла в интернете.

По поводу автокресел в 2008 году вышло исследование американского экономиста Стивена Левитта, который более известен как автор книжки Freakonomics. Стивен на свои деньги заказал испытания ремней безопасности по программе испытаний автокресел. С макетами детишек разных возростов, датчиками, замедленной съёмкой. Короче, полный фарш.