Tell me, Sodexo, tell me, Accor, where those unused 7 mln € go each year?

Even Metro can be source of insightful information. Look, 1.4 mln belgians get luncheon vouchers, 0.35% of luncheon vouchers stay unused, so how much do the distribution companies pocket each year on these unused luncheon vouchers?

1.4 mln people * 6€ *22 days *11 months * 0.35% = 7 114 800 € per year

And what if Fedis is right and 5% of luncheon vouchers get unused? Then, Sodexo and Accor would make a whopping 100 mln per year out of the holes in our pockets!

VAT number validation for EU-based companies

The best insights at the inner workings of the today's economy can be achieved through the study of how The Bureaucracy performs simple tasks.

The VAT validation is something that every company of a reasonable size would want to have. However, this feature is not a must-have, but a nice-to-have, and none will buy accounting software just for it. All in all, there is a broad but shallow demand for this feature.