hall of shame

When the state spams their citizens, what shall we expect from criminals?

I just received offline spam from Fedict in the form of a letter without any postage marks and with the text on the envelope stating:

"An important message from the government".

The letter contained an invitation to buy a bundle of a PC with 12 months of free internet access for 422 EUR.

Update: Apparently, the same letter was distributed (not sent by post, but carried to the postbox by a spam delivery company) to a big share if not all belgian residents.

Квота на евреев в американских университетах

Читаю книжку Фейнмана What Do You Care What Other People Think? Он там упоминает, что не смог поступить в Колумбийский университет из-за квоты на евреев. Интересно, как там сейчас с дискриминацией евреев.