What is the thousand separator in french numerals?

Linux says, it's U0020 aka SPACE

$ grep mon_thousands_sep /usr/share/i18n/locales/fr_FR
mon_thousands_sep         "<U0020>"

Java says, it's U00A0 aka NO-BREAK SPACE as the following code returns "160", better known as as in &#160; or &nbsp;

NumberFormat numberFormat = NumberFormat.getInstance(Locale.FRANCE);
            System.out.println(numberFormat.format(new BigDecimal(1000)).codePointAt(1));


NumberFormat numberFormat = NumberFormat.getInstance(locale);
if (numberFormat instanceof DecimalFormat) {
  DecimalFormat decimalFormat = (DecimalFormat) numberFormat;
  bd = (BigDecimal) decimalFormat.parse(string);

parses only U00A0 as the thousands separator.

Where's the truth, brother?