A old but still useable phpbb2drupal conversion script

This one appears high in Google SERPs on phpbb2drupal.

{syntaxhighlighter brush:sql} --- --- Written by Feodor (feodor [at] mundo.ru) --- --- Modified for drupal 4.5.2 and phpbb 2.0.11-2.0.13 --- by Alexander Mikhailian --- --- This script makes an assumption that phpbb and drupal tables are kept in --- one and the same database. Phpbb tables are expected to have the prefix --- phpbb_ and drupal tables are expected to have the prefix drupal_ --- --- If phpBB forum use CP1251 (or another) encoding, the tables must be converted --- into UTF8. If version of MySQL less then 4.1 "iconv" command can be used for --- convertion of exported tables into UTF8. --- --- Example: --- iconv -fcp1251 -tutf8 phpbb2_utf-8.sql --- --- Here is a list of phpbb tables used by script for import into Drupal: --- --- phpbb_categories --- phpbb_forums --- phpbb_posts --- phpbb_posts_text --- phpbb_users --- phpbb_vote_desc --- phpbb_vote_results --- --- You should probably edit the two variables below to match your result: --- --- The name of the forums taxanomy as it appears on the site --- SELECT @forum_title:='Forums'; --- --- Start importing users from this id. Do not forget that uid 1 is always --- the Administrator in Drupal. Depending on whether you already created --- the Administrator user in Drupal or not, you may want to change this --- variable into 2. --- SELECT @first_phpbb_user_id:=1; # uid 1 is always an administrator in Drupal --- --- Drupal variables for node counts --- SELECT @phpbb_terms:=MAX(forum_id) FROM phpbb_forums; SELECT @phpbb_cat:=MAX(cat_id) FROM phpbb_categories; SELECT @drupal_term_data_tid:=id FROM drupal_sequences WHERE name = 'drupal_term_data_tid'; SELECT IF( @drupal_term_data_tid>0, @drupal_term_data_tid, @drupal_term_data_tid:=0); SELECT @drupal_comments_cid:=id FROM drupal_sequences WHERE name = 'drupal_comments_cid'; SELECT IF( @drupal_comments_cid>0, @drupal_comments_cid, @drupal_comments_cid:=0); SELECT @drupal_vocabulary_vid:=id FROM drupal_sequences WHERE name = 'drupal_vocabulary_vid'; SELECT IF( @drupal_vocabulary_vid>0, @drupal_vocabulary_vid, @drupal_vocabulary_vid:=0); SELECT @drupal_node_nid:=id FROM drupal_sequences WHERE name = 'drupal_node_nid'; SELECT IF( @drupal_node_nid>0, @drupal_node_nid, @drupal_node_nid:=0); --- --- Import user forms phpbb_users --- INSERT INTO drupal_users (uid,name,pass,mail,mode,sort,threshold,theme,signature,created,changed,status,timezone,language,picture,init,data) SELECT user_id,username,user_password,user_email,0,0,0,'',user_sig,user_regdate,user_lastvisit,1,0,'',user_avatar,user_email,'a:1:{s:5:"roles";a:1:{i:0;s:1:"2";}}' FROM phpbb_users WHERE user_id>=@first_phpbb_user_id; --- --- Create a vocabulary (called "Forum") --- DELETE FROM drupal_vocabulary WHERE nodes='forum'; INSERT INTO drupal_vocabulary (vid,name,description,help,relations,hierarchy,multiple,required,nodes,weight) SELECT @drupal_vocabulary_vid+1,@forum_title,'','','0','2','0','1','forum','0'; --- --- Set up the vocabulary "Forum" as the forum vocabulary --- DELETE FROM drupal_variable WHERE name = 'forum_nav_vocabulary'; INSERT INTO drupal_variable (name, value) VALUES ('forum_nav_vocabulary', CONCAT('s:1:\"',@drupal_vocabulary_vid+1,'\";')); --- --- The default comment order in phpbb2 is "oldest first" --- DELETE FROM drupal_variable WHERE name = 'comment_default_order'; INSERT INTO drupal_variable (name, value) VALUES ('comment_default_order', 's:1:\"2\";'); --- --- Import categories from phpbb_categories as terms --- INSERT INTO drupal_term_data (tid,vid,name,weight) SELECT @drupal_term_data_tid+cat_id,@drupal_vocabulary_vid+1,cat_title,cat_order FROM phpbb_categories; --- --- Import terms from phpbb_forums --- INSERT INTO drupal_term_data (tid,vid,name,description,weight) SELECT @drupal_term_data_tid+@phpbb_cat+forum_id,@drupal_vocabulary_vid+1, forum_name,forum_desc,forum_order FROM phpbb_forums; ALTER TABLE drupal_term_data ORDER BY tid; --- --- Import forum hierarchy --- Drupal allows topics to be created at this level while phpbb2 does not. If you want to disallow topics below --- categories, mark them as containers in the forum configuration dialog --- INSERT INTO drupal_term_hierarchy (tid,parent) SELECT @drupal_term_data_tid+cat_id,'0' FROM phpbb_categories; INSERT INTO drupal_term_hierarchy (tid,parent) SELECT @drupal_term_data_tid+@phpbb_cat+forum_id, @drupal_term_data_tid+cat_id FROM phpbb_forums; ALTER TABLE drupal_term_hierarchy ORDER BY tid; --- --- Create temporary tables for sorting topics and comments. --- DROP TABLE IF EXISTS temp_posts; CREATE TABLE temp_posts ( post_id mediumint(8) UNSIGNED NOT NULL auto_increment, topic_id mediumint(8) UNSIGNED DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, forum_id smallint(5) UNSIGNED DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, poster_id mediumint(8) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, post_time int(11) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, post_edit_time int(11), post_subject char(512), post_text text, PRIMARY KEY (post_id), KEY forum_id (forum_id), KEY topic_id (topic_id), KEY poster_id (poster_id), KEY post_time (post_time) ); DROP TABLE IF EXISTS temp_node; CREATE TABLE temp_node ( post_id mediumint(8) UNSIGNED NOT NULL auto_increment, topic_id mediumint(8) UNSIGNED DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (post_id), KEY topic_id (topic_id) ); --- --- Copy into temporary table topics without comments --- INSERT INTO temp_node (post_id,topic_id) SELECT MIN(post_id), topic_id FROM phpbb_posts GROUP BY topic_id; INSERT INTO temp_posts (post_id, topic_id,forum_id,poster_id, post_time,post_edit_time,post_subject,post_text) SELECT c.post_id, c.topic_id, a.forum_id, IF(a.poster_id='-1','0',a.poster_id), a.post_time, a.post_edit_time, REPLACE(b.post_subject, CONCAT(':',b.bbcode_uid),''), REPLACE(b.post_text, CONCAT(':',b.bbcode_uid),'') FROM phpbb_posts AS a, phpbb_posts_text AS b, temp_node AS c WHERE c.post_id=a.post_id AND c.post_id=b.post_id; --- --- Insert nid and tid from temp_posts into drupal_term_node --- INSERT INTO drupal_term_node (nid,tid) SELECT @drupal_node_nid+topic_id,@drupal_term_data_tid+@phpbb_cat+forum_id FROM temp_posts; ALTER TABLE drupal_term_node ORDER BY nid; --- --- Insert forum topics from temp_posts into drupal_node --- INSERT INTO drupal_node (nid,type,title,uid,created,comment,body,changed) SELECT @drupal_node_nid+topic_id,'forum',post_subject,poster_id,post_time,'2',post_text, IF(post_edit_time'NULL',post_edit_time,post_time) FROM temp_posts; ALTER TABLE drupal_node ORDER BY nid; --- --- Insert nid into drupal_forum --- DELETE FROM drupal_forum; INSERT INTO drupal_forum (nid,tid) SELECT @drupal_node_nid+topic_id,@drupal_term_data_tid+@phpbb_cat+forum_id FROM temp_posts; --- --- Insert comments into drupal_comments for topics from temp_posts --- INSERT INTO drupal_comments (nid,uid,subject,comment,hostname,timestamp,users) SELECT @drupal_node_nid+a.topic_id, CASE WHEN a.poster_id='-1' THEN '0' ELSE a.poster_id END, REPLACE(c.post_subject, CONCAT(':',c.bbcode_uid),''), REPLACE(c.post_text, CONCAT(':',c.bbcode_uid),''), CONCAT_WS('.',CONV(SUBSTRING(a.poster_ip,1,2),16,10), CONV(SUBSTRING(a.poster_ip,3,2),16,10), CONV(SUBSTRING(a.poster_ip,5,2),16,10), CONV(SUBSTRING(a.poster_ip,7,2),16,10)), a.post_time,'a:1:{i:0;i:0;}' FROM phpbb_posts AS a LEFT JOIN temp_posts AS b ON a.post_id=b.post_id,phpbb_posts_text AS c WHERE b.post_id IS NULL AND a.post_id=c.post_id; ALTER TABLE drupal_comments ORDER BY cid; UPDATE drupal_comments,drupal_node SET drupal_comments.subject=IF(drupal_comments.subject='', CONCAT('Re:',drupal_node.title),drupal_comments.subject) WHERE drupal_comments.nid=drupal_node.nid; --- --- Update thread in drupal_comments --- DROP TABLE IF EXISTS drupal_comments_tmp; CREATE TABLE drupal_comments_tmp ( cid int(10) NOT NULL default '0', nid int(10) NOT NULL default '0', thread int(10) NOT NULL auto_increment, PRIMARY KEY (nid,thread) ); INSERT INTO drupal_comments_tmp (cid,nid) SELECT cid,nid FROM drupal_comments WHERE cid>@drupal_comments_cid; UPDATE drupal_comments,drupal_comments_tmp SET drupal_comments.thread=CONCAT(CONCAT(REPEAT(9, LEFT(drupal_comments_tmp.thread,LENGTH(drupal_comments_tmp.thread)-1)), RIGHT(drupal_comments_tmp.thread,1)),'/') WHERE drupal_comments.cid=drupal_comments_tmp.cid; --- --- Update drupal_history --- ---INSERT INTO drupal_history (uid, nid, timestamp) --- SELECT a.uid, b.nid, a.timestamp --- FROM drupal_users AS a, drupal_node AS b --- WHERE a.uid>0 AND b.nid>@drupal_node_nid; --- --- update topic statistics --- INSERT INTO drupal_node_comment_statistics (nid,last_comment_timestamp,last_comment_name,last_comment_uid,comment_count) SELECT @drupal_node_nid+pt.topic_id, pp.post_time, ppt.post_subject, pp.poster_id, pt.topic_replies FROM drupal_node dn, phpbb_topics pt, phpbb_posts pp, phpbb_posts_text ppt WHERE dn.nid = @drupal_node_nid+pt.topic_id AND pt.topic_last_post_id = pp.post_id AND pp.post_id = ppt.post_id; --- --- Delete all temp tables --- DROP TABLE IF EXISTS temp_posts; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS drupal_comments_tmp; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS temp_node; --- --- Update Drupal variables --- SELECT @drupal_term_data_tid:=MAX(tid) FROM drupal_term_data; SELECT @drupal_comments_cid:=MAX(cid) FROM drupal_comments; SELECT @drupal_node_nid:=MAX(nid) FROM drupal_node WHERE type = 'forum'; SELECT @drupal_users_uid:=MAX(uid) FROM drupal_users; DELETE FROM drupal_sequences WHERE name="drupal_term_data_tid"; DELETE FROM drupal_sequences WHERE name="drupal_comments_cid"; DELETE FROM drupal_sequences WHERE name="drupal_node_nid"; DELETE FROM drupal_sequences WHERE name="drupal_users_uid"; INSERT INTO drupal_sequences (name,id) SELECT "drupal_term_data_tid", @drupal_term_data_tid; INSERT INTO drupal_sequences (name,id) SELECT "drupal_comments_cid",@drupal_comments_cid; INSERT INTO drupal_sequences (name,id) SELECT "drupal_node_nid",@drupal_node_nid; INSERT INTO drupal_sequences (name,id) SELECT "drupal_users_uid",@drupal_users_uid; --- --- this is for porting personal messages to privatemsg drupal module --- --- phpbb_privmsgs.privmsgs_type has the following codes: --- written=1, seen in inbox = 5, read = 0, saved = 3 --- --- attention, drupal_privatemsg limits the title to 64 chars, this is too --- little --- INSERT INTO drupal_privatemsg ( id, author, recipient,subject,message, timestamp,new,hostname,folder,author_del,recipient_del ) SELECT p.privmsgs_id, p.privmsgs_from_userid, p.privmsgs_to_userid, p.privmsgs_subject,pt.privmsgs_text,p.privmsgs_date, IF(p.privmsgs_type = 1 OR p.privmsgs_type = 5, 1, 0), p.privmsgs_ip,0,0,0 FROM phpbb_privmsgs p LEFT JOIN (phpbb_privmsgs_text pt) ON p.privmsgs_id=pt.privmsgs_text_id; --- --- converting polls --- INSERT INTO poll(nid,runtime,polled,active) SELECT pvd.topic_id+41,0,'',0 FROM phpbb_vote_desc pvd; INSERT INTO poll_choices(nid,chtext,chvotes,chorder) SELECT pvd.topic_id+41, pvr.vote_option_text, pvr.vote_result, vote_option_id # TODO chorder should be autoincremented from 1 every # unique pvd.topic_id; FROM phpbb_vote_results pvr, phpbb_vote_desc pvd WHERE pvr.vote_id=pvd.vote_id; UPDATE node n, phpbb_vote_desc pvd SET type='poll' WHERE n.nid=pvd.topic_id+41; {/syntaxhighlighter}