FairSearch.org tries to persuade EU decision-makers to crack down on Google

There's been a fair amount of talk about FairSearch.org in US, and how ill-though their campaigning is.

One of my clients is now rolling out ads for FairSearchEurope.eu. Just as its US counterpart, FairSearchEurope.eu is very shy of itself. It's website is registered to a law firm, its founding is unclear, it banners are the most obvious examples of FUD tactics I have seen in the past years. Come on, dudes! There are so many reasons to attack Google, don't whine about the only thing that works, their search engine.

If you really cared about small businesses and users, you should be talking about vendor and user lock-in to Android, insecurity of private data in Google Apps, the omnipresent sign-in window, the absence of googleless synchronisation between Google Chrome installations, the hackability of Chromebooks, the Do Not Track policy… And for god's sake, hire a tech-savvy PR Director.