JSF, dead born, resurrected by hormonal injections

I tried to look over the internet for an article critical of JSF technology. Surprisingly I found nothing worth mentioning. This is really strange, as JSF lends itself easily to critics. The whole idea if JSF looks suspicious. It was built as a Java answer to the Web Forms concept from Microsoft. The whole buzz around JSF was about being able to use a GUI editor to build web pages à la MS Visual Studio.NET. Current JSF implementations integrate a number of design decisions that make it virtually impossible for developers to build a well-behaved web application. As an example, instead of following the basic REST principles, JSF encapsulates every action into a POST request. MyFaces goes even further in its extensions to JSF, regularly making POST requests from within JavaScript code and breaking the navigation completely. Someone had to think hard to make every JSF show the previous JSF page URL in the location bar of the browser, so that the user gets lost completely.