Job Architect. Helping companies write job ads

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Nowadays, IT companies do not rely on intermediates when looking for new employees. They use the Jobs sections of their websites, advertise on Stepstone, Monster or LinkedIn. They use the power of the word-of-mouth. In the ongoing battle for the new talent, the attractiveness of the job ad for the company is as important as that of the resume for an applicant. However, many IT job ads are written either by the middle management or by HR, that is, people who are likely to miss the most attractive features of the new position by sheer lack of domain knowledge.

Just as a software architect is a liaison between customers and developers, a job architect is a liaison between the company management and potential employees. He translates the expectations of the management into a language a potential employee would understand.

The idea can be immediately monetized by selling job architect services to companies at the rate of a few hundred euros per job ad.